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The following resources may be useful or interesting to you as another source of support:


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

Mood Gym: A computerised, self-guided CBT program for low mood and anxiety.

Centre for Clinical Interventions: A resource website full of useful self-help programs covering a wide variety of topics such as overcoming low self-esteem, mastering your worries, coping with panic attacks and much more.

Get Self-Help: A CBT self-help resource website, full of downloadable leaflets and worksheets.


Anxiety BC: A website designed by consumers and practitioners with tons of useful information about anxiety and effective strategies.

Young People with Anxiety: specific website designed for young people with anxiety.

New Mothers’ Anxiety Resource: resources for women who are pregnant or who have recently had a baby.


Headspace: An app specifically designed to help you learn the skills of mindfulness through meditation and other exercises.


Open for Parents: A Sussex based organisation co-ordinating parenting programmes across East Sussex.

Brighton and Hove Parenting Team: The team typically runs Triple P, an evidence based parenting course.

Positive Psychology

Authentic Happiness; Positive Psychology Centre with information about wellbeing, links to current research in positive psychology and a variety of questionnaires you can take to track your levels of happiness and wellbeing.

Action for Happiness: A UK national movement for positive social change.